Welcome to the Norgeson DIY section.

You will get exactly the same here, as you get in our 119 dollar painting kits. The difference is that you have to assemble the stretcher bars and staple the canvas on the bars yourself.

The price difference is because we can send this as normal post and save on shipping.

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Your Norgeson DIY have arrived.

It comes in a big tube from Norway with love <3

You need a stapler gun, small hammer and a scissor to put the kit together.

Take your DIY kit out of the tube, and carefully roll it out.

Read the instructions and carefully put away the canvas and the paper.

Unpack the bubleplastic.

Here you see all is included.

lots of paint, a quality brush set, painting cups, wallmount, stretcherbars and wedges

Put the stretcher bars in the same position, all have the size numbers up.

Slide the corners of the stretcherbars in eachother.

Use a hammer to carefully make the corners fit perfect.

Also check if all corners is in correct angle.
The corner of a table ( 90degress angle ) or a door opening can be used for this.

On each corner, you will see some extra guiding lines. This will help you mounting the canvas.
Now turn the canvas with the blank side up.

Put the wood frame over the canvas, the side with the size number up.

Now use the guiding line close to the thumb, to adjust the frame in the center.

The guiding line will follow the outside corner of the frame and the line on the design will follow the bottom edge of the stretcher bar.

When the guiding lines is matching the frame on the width and the height, its time to use the stapler.

Start stapeling 15cm / 6″ from the corner. This will make the corner folding easier.

Now staple the opposite side first, and then the “sides”, use the guiding lines as showed before.

Remember to keep a small distance to the corners, to make the corner fold easy.

The extra guiding lines is at help again.
Use a scissor to cut it down to the edge of the design.

Then cut away this part, follow the line thats on the bottom of the design it self.

Turn the small fold in and “hide” it with overlapping the side canvas and staple it.

Remember, do not staple in the corner line where the stretcher bars is jointed.

This area have to be free to move later so it is easy to stretch the canvas more if needed.

Time to attach the wall mount. Use a meter and find the center of the top side stretcher bar.

Put the wall mount in center, we use a screwdriver first to make small holes for the screws. Then it is easier to screw them in.

Finally, put in the corner wedges.

If your canvas needs more stretching, all you need to do is to carefully use a hammer and put those wedges more in. They will make the stretcher bars expand.

Now all is ready to start creating your own amazing art. See our technique videos on suggestions on how to make your Norgeson look like a real painting.