Rough blending This is how we prefer to “blend” the background in our abstract design. If you look at the original, there is lots of small lines in the “block” they are to small to create pbn from. But here is the solution on how to make your painting look like an original painting. We also recomend that you do this as a second coat, use the numberguide and see what paint that is used for the block, add it on the sides and rough blend

Texture painting! When you have painted the whole painting you should use the number guide and add more texture on objects that you want to “pop out” of the canvas.

Texture makes one colour look like many colours, this is the main key to make your PBN look like a real painting.

Easy blending (X blending) is what we consider the easiest way to blend sky and skin tones. See what you can do with easy x strokes and two colors of paint.

Remember to clean your brushes often. If you are good to your brushes, they will be good to you ^^