We, (Nadia & Jan Helge Almås ) are a couple that live in Northern Norway.
Our goal is to make the ultimate paint by number kits.

Our PBN design is handmade by us. We do not believe that computers can calculate the artistic lines that are needed to achieve a great result.

Most of the design is also based on our own original paintings, but we also have some licenced and classic designs. We are always working on new original paintings that can become great PBN design.

Click on the productphotos to read more about the different designs.

When you make an order, the process is:
You get a fresh print on a quality canvas, that we stretch on a quality frame. All accessories are quality. Our paint is straight from the factory, each colour is made unique for each design, to ensure you get the best result possible. The brush set is put together to provide the perfect way to apply the paint.
The PBN set includes a wall mount, instructions, number guide and a completed photo of the design.

When you make an order, we need 1-3 days to prepare it.
Preparing means: print the design, stretch the canvas on wood frame and pack it with all accesories.

Estimated delivery time from the Norwegian postal service:
Scandinavia: 7 business days
Europe: 14 business days
The rest of the world: 21 business days

Free shipping all over the world