Skin saviour

A new art experience

Taking paint by numbers to a new level!
These painting sets are made so that you can practice different painting techniques and mix colors.
When we paint an original painting, we start with creating a sketch guide.
Then we fill this sketch with blocks of paint.
Sound familiar? Yes the concept is pretty much like traditional paint by number.
Then the fun starts!
We work with these blocks, create texture, washes, layers and use different blending techniques. The "New art experience" series focus on those different techniques. We use licensed artwork or our own original art to create guiding sketches. The sketches have instructions and videos that show how and where to use the different techniques.
You will be able to pre-order these sets, each set will have individual instructional video and we will start sending them when the video is ready. Check the estimated date on the product information.

This is an exciting hobby project for us, we make videos, make designs, print, package and send ourselves. We try to answer questions as quickly as possible, but please understand that we do most of the production and support on the weekends when we have free time.

To save expensive shipping cost, all kits and brushes shipped from Norway will be shipped as a letter without tracking.
Contact us for price if you want your sets to be sent as an insured tracking package (Add a full address to your mail so we can calculate the cost)

Nadia & Jan Helge