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Sea serpent

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Another old Norwegian classic! We made the original painting based on a black and white sketch made by Theodor Kittelsen, a well-known Norwegian illustrator.
You can easily paint Sea serpent with the help of our quality guiding sketch!

SKU: 636896

Our paint by number kit includes all you need to paint your own masterpiece based on a high quality original Norgeson artwork

Photo 1: Design photo shows the paint by number design, and number of colours included. The colours come in separate paint pots. No mixing is required! This is the result you will get from following the traditional paint by number system.

Photo 2: Detail photo shows the most detailed areas on this design.

Included in the kit:
* Numbered design on canvas, rolled in a protective tube (30cm x 40xm / 11.8" x 15.75")
* The design have light gray lines and red numbers to ensure the best experience
* Heavy body acrylic paint in pots
* 6 high quality paintbrushes with triangle handle (000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 4)
* Number guide
* Product photo

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On average it takes 2-3 days to prepare each - a little longer if we have many orders.
Estimated shipping time is 2-3 weeks - and shipping is free!