Traditional kits!

"Norgeson - traditional paint by numbers" is unique!

Norgeson is a small husband and wife company from northern Norway that has been making high quality painting kits since 2014. We paint the original art and we create the handmade design files. Most artists focus on selling their original art or prints of it. Our focus is that you can paint a great version of our art. The design photo shows the result you will get from following the traditional numbered system and number of colours included. The colours come in separate paint pots. No mixing is required! 

When we paint an original painting, we start by making a sketch. Then we fill this sketch with paint blocks. Sounds familiar? Yes, the concept is pretty much like traditional painting by numbers. When our painting is finished, we make a new detailed sketch. Small numbered fields that guide you to paint your version of our art. Fill area 1 with paint labeled 1, area 2 with paint labeled 2 and so on. When you are done, you will end up with a painting as shown in our design image.

Our traditional paint kits are now produced and shipped from our high quality factory in China. Each kit will be made to order - you will not receive old stock!